I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have those days when we just want to pick up ooey, gooey chicken wings with our bare fingers. Days when you really want to get in there and gnaw it to the bone. Who wouldn’t? Every bite is a melange of flavor: sweet, salty and sometimes spicy. Especially when the skin is still crispy and each nibble is a piping hot mess of goodness.

To be honest, I just had that kind of day where I craved it badly so I experimented on it! I didn’t want to go to a crowded dive to get my wing fix. I wanted it at home and lucky you, you can have it too!

I decided on making it a touch healthier by baking it. You just might find that there is an odd ingredient in the list. Baking powder? Why baking powder? Well, there is a perfectly logical (but not scientific-I can’t do scientific) answer for it. Baking powder helps in drawing  out moisture and in this case the oil from the skin hence giving it that golden, crispy bite. Also, I highly recommend using a grill tray while baking them so the wings are not swimming in oil (Believe me, there’s a lot!)

The 2 key ingredients here are honey and Sriracha. If you’re a spicy wings aficionado then just the mere mention of Sriracha makes you smile from ear to ear. Mix it with a touch of sweetness from the honey, ooohhh…mmmm…

Sinfully Sabrina: Honey-Sriracha Wings

Sinfully Sabrina: Honey-Sriracha Wings Serves: 6
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