I find that so many people tend to want to kill meat that’s already dead.

Respect your meat and you will taste the pleasure you will reap from it. Steak doneness, is subjective, that’s a given, but only within certain limits. Cooking a steak well done, gives you nothing, it destroys the flavour. So if you call yourself a meat aficionado and you are eating well done steaks, then, i have every right to call you a hypocrite. Yes, you might enjoy it like that, fine it’s your mouth afterall, but just don’t say you know your meat, because if i give you the highest grade vs the lowest grade, both cooked to high hell, you wont be able to tell the difference.

Now every cut of meat has an ideal doneness. You see i like my Steaks “Bleu” usually, a French word meaning Blue, which in turn means very very rare. However, i would never order a rib eye Bleu, because the fat that is in the meat needs to melt to release its flavour. Therefore the proper way to eat a Rib Eye would be Medium Rare. This critical thinking applies to all cuts of meat. The leaner it is the more rare it should be, the fattier it is, the more cooked it should be…  However, no steak should ever be subjected to more than a Medium. N.E.V.E.R

I recently received a bunch of different Grass Fed Beef Steak cuts from The Farm – Natural and Organics store http://www.thefarm.ph/ and decided to dedicate a post to proper steak cooking. Please visit their site, i really love people who take pride in their local meat products like they do. Order online and then They Deliver to your doorstep!!!!

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As much as possible go for Grass Fed Beef.

1. Bring meat to room temperature. Take it out hours before cooking.

2. Sear with neutral oil and butter at a very high heat in a heavy skillet.

3. Season when on the pan or even after it has been cooked and rested. (Some people like to season the night before “salting a steak” this is just a matter of preference.

4. Once nicely browned transfer to a hot oven until ALMOST your desired doneness for a couple of minutes. (if you want your steak medium rare, bring it out at just passes rare)

5. cover with foil and let rest 5-10 mins, this is when the meat will go from your almost desired doneness to your desired doneness.

6. Before eating sprinkle some sea salt, flake salt on top (pepper optional), and  a  knob of butter.

Remember, eating just a steak is actually good for you, just balance out the fat content you want and don’t eat with sauce or starch; for me that’s the only way to enjoy the true flavour of meat.

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