A lot of you ask me if i cook for myself everyday, and if i do, is all my food really elaborate and pretty? to be honest, sometimes it ease when i have time, but if im rushing or i just came home after a long day or work and training, all i want to do is slap together a bunch of ingredients and make myself a quick and satisfying meal. This is really what my skill shops are for.

Tomato Sauce is my favorite sauce because it is so versatile and can be incorporated into so many different meals. Its so easy to make and keeps for a week in the fridge so its perfect for those 15 minute cook or die moments. A proper tomato sauce would require you to concasse (french technique) your tomatoes before using them. But i don’t have the time for that. So what is my escape route? I use canned tomatoes. Yes, i know what you are thinking (How could he?), well to tell you the truth if the quality is there it really doesn’t matter much. I use Hunts Whole Peeled Tomatoes because they have a great flavor, are all natural and have no additives, meaning its as close as you are going to get to fresh ones, with the slight advantage that these are already peeled and concassed. These can be found in any supermarket.

First heat up some Filippo Berrio olive oil in a sauce pot or pan and fry off 4 cloves of chopped garlic and a diced white onion. Sweat it out. Add in your canned tomatoes and crush the tomatoes to get those juices going. Season with salt and pepper. Add in a big bunch of crushed basil leaves and simmer on low for 2o minutes. Transfer the contents to a sieve and work out all the juices, retain the pulp and discard the rest. Put it back into the pot/pan and thicken. Your sauce is ready to put wherever you please.

What i did was to fry up some lean ground beef with garlic and basil leaves, placed it in a cup of cooked quinoa, with some Edam Cheese and my tomato sauce. It’s definitely not pretty, but damn is it good.

I also used this batch for the following dishes over the week: patatas bravas, an omelet and a home-made pizza.

Best thing to do after work: Food + Movie + Couch

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