People give frozen vegetables and fruit a bad reputation, but in truth, if you live in a country like the Philippines, where we do not have the same diverse produce variety you might find in the States or in Europe, they do the job pretty well. The produce is picked at its prime, blanched right away, cooled and then flash frozen. This quick process keeps all the nutritious goodness in the fruit or vegetable (very different from canned food). I always carry frozen goods in my freezer since they don’t rot as quickly as really fresh food and are always useful for last minute hunger pangs.

Talking about fruits and vegetables, what’s the deal with vegetarians? (I know, terrible transition, bear with me). If you are vegetarian or vegan because of your love for animals or for medical reasons, then yes, I respect that choice or consequence, more power to you. However i get very frustrated when people tell me that they are vegetarian because they want to lose weight. That’s just plain nonsense. Your body needs to eat what it’s used to right? So if you eat food which your body isn’t capable of digesting properly yet that could lead to weight gain correct? (All said with a very sarcastic tone)

My question to you is: what do you think human beings started eating first Meat, Wheat or Beans (Legumes)?

That’s right, the answer is Meat. Therefore we are better conditioned to digest Meat, then we are wheat (why do you think the Gluten free diet is all the rage nowadays?) or then we are beans (legumes contain lots of anti-nutrients if eaten in big quantities).

I came up this recipe when I was bored, I had eaten chicken for breakfast (weird I know), fish for lunch and had no will to go to the supermarket to buy another kind of protein, so I just grabbed whatever I had in my fridge. I also remembered one of my favourite dishes in Cantinetta (Spinaci e Funghi Al Vino Bianco) and drew inspiration from it. Unsurprisingly it turned out vegetarian friendly, so here is a dish for you my green friends (those of you I like).

My favourite kind of dish is the type where you can list down all the ingredients without any instructions and still figure out how everything will be put together.

Goat Cheese + Crusty Bread (not toast) + Spinach + Mushrooms + White Wine + Olive Oil

Defrost the spinach with the help of a little water and some garlic. Fry off the the mushrooms (I used a mix of Portobello and white button -2 handfuls) with Filippo Berio Olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper, splash in about 1/3 to ½ cup of sweet white wine, reduce until the taste of alcohol is gone. Add in Spinach. Toast your crusty bread (not toast bread – the cut has to come from a hard loaf or a baguette) in some olive oil until crispy and browned. Place on top the spinach and mushroom mix, and spread on French goat cheese. Salt and Pepper to taste. Drizzle with Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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