I was watching TV the other day and saw KFC’s new sales pitch, which basically says, don’t miss out on family moments while you’re cooking, just order KFC and spend time with your family. I find that quite sad. While it is important to spend time with your family, i think cooking is part of that, get your kids involved as much as you can, cooking is a life skill and is a great bonding moment. Also, do you think i will remember about that time my mom ordered Fried chicken, or that time my mom made her special meatballs for me?

Anyways, this is why I tweeted the other day to ask mothers (or fathers, whoever prepares the meals in the family – but predominantly in the world and especially in the Philippines, it’s still the moms – i’m not being stereotypical here haha, look at me, i’m the one who cooks), to ask them what they wanted to see on the blog and how I could maybe help a little.

I’m a firm believer that children need to be exposed to different types of flavours and ingredients at a young age, so that they will be more open minded with food and alleviate your job in the kitchen. Again, this is your responsibility because children will always ask for what they are comfortable with, which is why you’ll probably be asked over and over again for chicken joy and rice, but if you succumb to this demand, they will only be used to eating that.

The way my parents did it, was to make sure that this kind of kiddie food (pasta bolognaise, fried chicken, fried rice, pork chops, barbecue, etc) were presented to me as treats every Sunday or for special occasions (probably congratulating me for not being a brat during that particular week), but every other day I was made to eat normal everyday “adult” food. The result? I was eating snails, frog legs, all seafood and meats, and every kind of vegetable by the age of 10.

For example if you have a baby, instead of making him/her eat puréed fruits, why not give them pureed spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots? Or instead of candy, have them eat frozen peas (when they are older of course) trust me it works.

Growing up is all about how our mind is conditioned by immediate influences and the people around us. So if you want your child to eat more veggies and appreciate all food more, you need to be a sneaky little kitchen ninja and slowly incorporate these flavours in their food. Once the flavour is there, then you can slowly start working on the visual aspect. I find children very visual, so this might be a little more difficult, but should be a little easier once they realise that green gloop on their plate (spinach) actually tastes wonderful.

Hope you enjoy this sneaky pork loin dish that’s stuffed with cooked arugula, well seasoned and served with fake mashed potatoes, which is really made with steamed cauliflower and flavoured with chicken stock and cheese. It looks like pork steak and potatoes, but it’s healthier and packed with veggies.

Let me know if you want to see more! What do you wish your child would eat?

Click more for the video instructions!!

For 2 servings: Steam about 2 whole bunches of cauliflower florets and 1/3 of a peeled potato until tender. In a small pot fry off some chopped garlic (1 tbsp) with olive oil, a tsp of butter and ½ cup of chicken stock and bring to a boil. Add  in 2tbsp of sour cream, 2 tbsp of emmental cheese and 2tbsp of grated cheddar. Melt the whole thing. Pulse the cauliflower until it becomes like wet sand. Add in the liquid and pulse until it becomes like mashed potatoes, season with salt and pepper, and add more cream or cheese if you want to.

For 1 portion of pork take a 200g slab of pork loin and flatten it out, until about 1/3 inch thick, season the inside with some salt, pepper, Spanish paprika, 1tsp of mustard and some thyme. Season the other side with salt and pepper. Fry off 2 handfuls of arugula until welted and the bitterness is gone. Place it in the inner side of the pork and just fold over. Fry off on high on one side for colour, reduce the heat and cook on medium until the pork is cooked through (it should still be slightly pink – you can check by opening it up).

To serve top off with more cheese or EVOO.


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