10 men and 10 women were given 60 days to achieve their one common goal: a brand-new healthy lifestyle. That was the FREEGO’s #SuperShapeMe challenge . And from the 20 participants, I’m proud to announce that we’ve chosen our grand winners: XisPingol and CY Ortega.

Check out their final stats:

Each of the participants had their own share of wins and challenges, and tried their best to make the most out of it. So what exactly made Xis and CY our grand winners?

Here are five secrets to a successful lifestyle change based on Xis and CY’s journeys to sexy:


When we kicked off the challenge, Xis bravely told us how she could no longer fit into jeans. CY, meanwhile, shared how he was the resident “nurse mascot” in the hospital where he worked. Because of his size, he was called Piglet every time he wore his pink scrub suit.

Aside from that, the two were also very honest with their progress throughout the challenge. I’ve always told the participants that if they cheat, they should come out and say it. Because if you’re not honest with yourself I don’t think you’ll survive the program. Because the fitness challenge all really relies on YOU     and how you perform.


A requirement of the #SuperShapeMe challenge was regular Instagram posts of their food and workouts. Funnily enough, a lot of the participants, Xis and CY included, admitted that this was one of the tasks they had difficulty with—for fear of being judged! But still, they complied with the rules and #trustedtheprogram.

After all, the purpose of this, first and foremost, is for us coaches to keep track of their progress. But I guess it helped them see how much they’ve improved, too. And looks like all the food posts and #gymselfies worked!


Like the others, Xis and CY faced major obstacles along the way. Xis had to deal with the demands of her job, while having to make sure that she still manages to work out and prepare healthy food for herself. CY, meanwhile, hurt himself during one of his workouts and injured his lumbar muscles. He had to go through therapy to be able to stand and walk again, but despite this, he stuck to the diet plan and did what he could do to stay on track.


Another major challenge for both of them was the diet change. Xis was having bad skin reactions to chicken (she was starting to avoid meat and switching to light-colored meat); while CY was complaining about how he hated veggies. My advice? Just #suckitup—because really, there’s no other way.


Sure, Xis wanted to be healthy so that she could live longer and take care of her senior citizen parents. But at the end of the day, I think what really pushed her to try so hard is her own dreams for herself. Xis wanted to prove to herself that she’s no quitter. She wanted to prove to the “haters” that she could make it work. Her mind was also very focused on taking care of her body, after admitting she’s abused it for so long.

The same goes for CY. Yes, he showed his co-workers in the hospital that he can no longer be called names. But more than that, he’s proven how he can make anything happen as long as he puts his mind into it. Imagine being able to juggle responsibilities at work, school (because he’s taking up his Master’s Degree), and the #SuperShapeMe challenge. I don’t think he’d be able to succeed if it wasn’t a permanent lifestyle change he was after—and if he wasn’t doing it for himself.

As the grand winners of the FREEGO #SuperShapeMe Challenge, Xis and CY each win the whole FREEGO Super Shaper Collection and Body Circuit Collection, a 3-Day-2-Night All-Expense Paid Vacation at Club Paradise, Palawan, and features in Cosmopolitan Philippines and Men’s Health Philippines.

So kudos to Xis and CY—and the rest of the #SuperShapeMe participants, Alex, Cha, Ian, Jessika, Jethro, Josh, Judy, Julie, KV, Maryl, Migo, Mik, Monica, Niel, Philip, Shella, Shobe, and Vince! Find out more about their 60-day journey here.

Xis in one of the first workouts. I could feel she was exhausted but she kept going.

CY during the last workout. I could tell he’s really serious about the challenge.

Good job, Xis and CY! Looking forward to how you guys will be continuing your new lives, post-#SuperShapeMe 😉

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