I recently went on a Sweet Potato Hunt in tokyo. In Japan, come winter time, you will see different types of Satsumaimo (sweet potato) flavoured snacks. For about 3 centuries, ishi yaki imo (roasted sweet potatoes on stones) were sold street side from vendors and then eventually trucks. This tuber has been popular in japan, ever since it helped a curb a possible famine in the mid 18th century when rice crops started failing. The sweet potato was swiftly planted and spread to various prefectures where it helped prevent a food shortage. In the kanto area, you will even find some shrines dedicated to this humble vegetable. Also, its cold, so carbing up on something like this helps!

Places featured in the video:

Sendai Train Station

Kyubei 8 Chome-7-6 Ginza, Tokyo

Bar High Five Ginza, 5 Chome−4−15, Efflore Ginza5 Bldg, Tokyo

Funawa 1 Chome-22-10 Asakusa, Tokyo

Oimoyasa Asakusa 1-36-6 Asakusa, Tokyo

Asakua Mandango 1-21-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Mitsukoshi Department Store 4 Chome-6-16 Ginza, Chūō, Tokyo

Watch the full video here:


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