I’ve always loved Turtle Pie when I was younger that I would often ask for this pie for special occasions. What’s not to love? When there’s chocolate mousse, salted caramel, and roasted pecans in every bite.

Later on, I’ve discovered that it was easy to make so now the tables have been turned, because my mom asks me to make it for her every time I see her.

I’m sharing this adult version which has an addition of walnuts. And what’s great about this recipe is that’s non-baked so those without an oven can still make this at home.

It all starts with the crust. I used a ready-made Oreo cookie crust because I’m one of those opportunistic shoppers and they were on sale for 50 pesos. They are available in major super markets but if you wish to make your own crust, I’ve shared the recipe here. If you wish to use this recipe just multiply it by 2 for a 9-inch pie.

For the filling, it’s a mix of chocolate pudding and whipped cream. I’ve also shared my chocolate pudding recipe with you in a video with Erwan.


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