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Cravings can be a real temptation to breaking your promise to eat cleaner and healthier.

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Cravings can be a real temptation to breaking your promise to eat cleaner and healthier.   Making snacks centered around your nutrition goals can be key to keeping on track with your healthy lifestyle. A healthy snack can do so much for you; it fills you up and it helps you meet your daily macros….

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Article submitted by Ryan Canon As we add more years to our age, we tend to forget one important thing which is taking care of our health and physical well-being. We slowly drift away from doing intense physical activities and exercises probably because of our time-consuming jobs, hectic schedules, or family matters that hinder us…

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Let me explain. I don’t post much about healthy recipes anymore. That’s because people complain. The ingredients are either too expensive, not available, too little, too complicated, or not tasty enough. But that’s the beauty of cooking at home: you can change everything to fit your lifestyle. I’ve made several realizations: firstly, modern healthy eating is…

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about it, come across it during your trip to your nearest whole foods market, or seen it slowly, steadily replace that once-bestselling quinoa grain bowl. But what is Adlai, anyway? And what makes it the latest cult-favorite superfood? Truth be told, there is much to love this up-and-coming powerhouse grain,…

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Only 20% of US adults meet government exercise guidelines, meaning the 80% who are largely inactive are putting their health at risk. When starting a new fitness regime sometimes the image of your ideal body isn’t motivation enough. Having a workout buddy, signing up for fitness classes in advance and setting yourself goals are all good…

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