The #EatFor50Pesos Challenge

The folks at Payatas eat this way everyday. In partnership with Kiehl’s, I take on this week-long challenge.

Hey guys,

Make sure you watch the Facebook Live I made the other day.

I want to bring light to the hunger issues we have in the Philippines.

I recently partnered with Kiehl’s for the #startitrightwithkiehls campaign, where Isabelle and I, designed the art on their limited edition Ultra Facial Cream.

Available in the following Kiehl’s boutique branches: Greenbelt 5, Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center, TriNoma, Powerplant Mall, Shangri-La, SM Aura, Ayala Center Cebu, SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall, and SM Makati for Php 1575, each cream purchased in one of their stores will be a donation to the Payatas Orione Foundation.

What I discovered in Payatas was that most people/families each for under 50 pesos a day. So to help people understand what that represents, I thought, why not try it for 7 days?

I’m asking all of you to join me if you can, it’s pretty simple, the challenge is:

– You need to for under 50 pesos a day for 7 days.

– Eat as much as you can with that 50 pesos

– Try to eat nutritiously


– Use the 350 pesos you have for the week and buy things that will last you for a week.

– 1 kilo of rice goes from about 35 to 60 pesos nowadays, and you can portion that out to 150g per day of rice, about 3/4 of cup, so that is already a good source of carbs.

– buy lots of leafy local vegetables, things like camote tops, kang kong etc.. are pretty cheap

– for your protein and fat, I suggest eggs or if you can get your hands on cheaper seafood or meat pr poultry (buy cheap I dont mean buy the worst one for you. Look for well priced and still nutritious)

– Drinks lots of water.

– Salt, pepper and oil dont need to be counted in your cost calculation.

It will be tough but it is totally feasible. By July 10, please send me a word file with all the pics of your meals and how much you spent per day. Also make sure to keep a diary on how you feel everyday and sum it all up with your experience.

Use the #eatfor50pesos if you want to post and let’s try and start a movement.

The more people try this and are aware of this issue, the more people will get involved and help fight hunger.

Do I hear a “challenge accepted?”

Join me in this fight against hunger. Looking forward to your stories!

Happy Nutrition month!

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