I’m all about a good soft-boiled egg in the morning. A gelatinous egg white surrounding a runny, barely-cooked yolk, with a dash of salt and toast is the perfect way to start my day. I don’t always get the perfect soft-boiled egg though. There are so many variables at play: how much water you have, the temperature of the egg, and many more. I decided to hold an EGGsperiment! How can you achieve the perfect soft-boiled egg?

Some people will opt for a precision cooker. This is a device used for sous vide dishes, and it’s great for soft-boiled eggs because it keeps the water a steady temperature. Just set the temp at around 65 degrees Celsius, and you’ll get the perfect egg. But not everyone can afford or has access to such a device. Also, it’s a bit of hassle to whip it out every morning just for a couple of eggs. Instead, I decided to base my eggsperiment on cooking time. By setting a standard cooking time, anyone can make the perfect soft-boiled egg at home.

Watch my video below, and let me know: what’s your favorite way to cook eggs?

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