This week i show you how to make the healthiest pancakes in the world when you get that Flapjack itch. All you really need are 2 ripe medium bananas, 2 large eggs and 1/8tsp of baking powder, whisk everything together and you are ready to cook. Simple right?

So why is it healthier? Well because it is basically just fruit and eggs. Which are two ingredients that are great for your body. You fry them up in a little bit of butter, which we know isn’t bad for you, and then top it off with a tsp or two of natural honey, which again isn’t terrible.

So why are regular pancakes so good taste wise but not fantastic for the waist line? Well because a majority of people buy pancake mix and store bought pancake syrup. Pancake mix is filled with whatever the producer wants to put in it; mainly lots of artificial flavouring and sugar. Next, you buy pancake syrup, which is filled with all the stuff we try to avoid. The proper syrup you want is PURE maple syrup, nothing cut up and no imitations. Read the labels.

Finally, in this recipe i’m cutting out the wheat (flour). Now i don’t want to paint the devil on wheat, i just want you to know that the modern wheat we eat today is very different from the natural stone ground wheat of days passed and since it’s processed and developed to produce high yield fields, a lot of the nutritional qualities are stripped out of the end product.

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