The Mint Julep is an extremely popular drink and more people at the bar are starting to order it.

Here, I make it a little different by first torching some pineapple with brown sugar and overproof rum and muddling that with 22ml of Honey Syrup, mint sprigs and 60ml of Rye Whisky. Add in some crush ice, stir, add in more crush ice and serve.


Director and Online Editor: Paolo Abrihan
Sound Recordist and Offline Editor: Gio Puyat
Cinematographer: Miguel Gutierrez
Second Camera Unit: Alec Rivera
Production Assistants: Gabby Quimel and Stu Balmaceda
Camera Rental: Jess Yap
Shot at: NinerIchiNana
ManilaMan Productions Inc 2014

Music by CRWN – New Yorker

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