The Thing About Eggs

Most people learn what they know about food from their parents or their families and they know what they know through the same system. Now, this isn’t a very reliable and unbiased way to get information, so you can imagine how many food myths there are out there.

The other most popular source of nutritional guidance comes from doctors. While I do think they are eductated enough to give advice, I do warn you to make sure your that your doctor has experience or studied food science and nutrtition, because not all of them do and medical studies vary from nutritional (food science studies). It is always best to get your advice from people who actually study and spend their lives figuring out how eating a certain ingredient will affect your body.

Each time I hear, read, or see any new claims about food in general, I always talk to these kinds of individuals, to get their side of the story.

Eggs are one of those ingredients that your mom has told you will make you fall down from heart failure and will send your cholesterol levels soaring high. Having heard this my whole life, especially in a country where high cholesterol is rampant, I wanted to get to the bottom of this so called fact. Was it the eggs causing heart disease, or maybe the deep fried food and fast food that is so present locally. Hmmm?

Also, what’s all this about Salmonella? Research about the last case in your area and you’ll be surprised. It’s not as common as you think.

Here is what we’ve come up with.

Eggs Don’t Cause heart problems: Shocker

Yes, eggs contain high levels of cholesterol, however, the dietary cholesterol in them do not affect the cholesterol in your blood.

It’s like when you eat fat, it doesn’t mean that it makes you fat. It’s a nutrient.

Eggs actually raise good cholesterol. This has been studied over and over again. Don’t try to dispute it. Sorry mom.

Eggs carry so much nutrition: The miracle sphere

It’s filled with good protein.

They are very rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthine, antioxidants that are benefitial to eye health.

They are low in calories yet filled with vitamins, minerals (iron, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins A, lots of B type vitamins) and good fats.

Filled with BCAA. Branched Amino Acids, which are essential for muscle growth and recovery.

Rich in Choline, good stuff for your brain.

Most of this stuff is in the yolk. So don’t skip it.

Eggs in the Morning will make you feel full

Rich and protein and fat so will keep you satiated until lunch.

Will make you feel more awake then if you were to start your morning with cereal, bread or high GI foods.

How Many Should you eat?

There is no right or wrong answer, but one a day won’t hurt.

If you have lifestyle related problems (diabetes) etc… you need to check with a food scientist how eggs will affect you. Your still better off eating an egg, than having that cup of rice, with sweet tocino and vegetable oil.

Which ones should you buy?

Unless you live next to a farm, you need to go to the supermarket like the rest of us.

In local supermarkets in Manila, I go for Magnolia Large Brown Eggs.

They tell us that: “Happy hens make better brown eggs because they’re raised in a cage-free, barn-type farm so they are free to roam around and interact with other chickens. Growing up stress-free, they lay eggs with thicker shells that are more resistant to bacterial contamination, have bright yellow-orange yolks, and are richer in taste”

Hey man, I’m all for happy hens.

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