This week, we had a new Transformation story on the blog. Ivy started on her journey to get through a breakup. But going on a weight loss journey doesn’t always require a a major event in your life to push you to go on it. Sometimes you just have to get up and DO IT. For those if you who want to take this step, there are three things that you have to be prepared to do in order to achieve this.

Contrary to popular belief, your weight loss journey does not begin with food or workouts but with dedication and a strong commitment to yourself—a commitment to take care of yourself and to make a switch to healthier lifestyle and stick with it.

So, first principle: PREPARE YOUR MIND FACT:

Large food chains dedicate 60% of their marketing to children marking—to get kids hooked on sugar as early as possible. Why is this important? It shows you how the mind is at the center of everything. Once you are used to bad eating habits, you will have a hard time switching back. So, start them young.

Mind over matter is a popular statement but in certain cases, like in food and drug addiction for instance, some people might argue that the mind falters where the body yearns. But I honestly believe that through resolution, visualization, and a solid sense of belief, people can truly break bad habits if they put their minds into it—if they just apply themselves.

Whether it’s smoking or an addiction to sugar and processed food, you can break this habit and start your journey by putting your mind over the matter. Then start your journey with the conviction to change your life. Once you’ve put excuses behind you and have started on your journey, do not sabotage yourself with “Oh, I’ll just make sure to eat healthier tomorrow,” or “One drink won’t hurt.”

Every decision you take is your own. Many of the people i’ve helped along the years, know what they are doing wrong. Yet, they contact me for help. Why? Because they are looking for an easy solution. Unfortunately, there are none.  Learn what proper eating is, stick to it, don’t falter or break it until you’ve reached a situation where you are happy and comfortable with your weight/fitness and can start experimenting on indulging from time to time.


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you surround yourself with people who are unhealthy and aren’t active, most likely, you’ll have a hard time sticking to your program. Surround yourself with people who want to be fit and healthy or push your friends to jump start their health as well.

When we were kids, we ran wild and didn’t mind getting sweaty and being outside all the time. Now, we are simply using our bodies for sedentary work with minimum activities. It’s a waste of a strong body. So we have to see physical activity as fun and necessary every day. Have fun on your daily workouts, bring friends along, compete against each other and help yourselves get better.

Schedule your workouts as you would a date or work. It’s something that should be non-negotiable that cannot be canceled unless an emergency comes up. Ask yourself this: Would you cancel a workout because of a last minute work call? Is there no way that call can wait for an hour? Why would you prioritize work over your health when good health makes you more productive at work?

Being of healthy mind and healthy body allows you to do everything else right? Without your body you are nothing? So why do people constantly think it is better to beat it to death with work, sleepless night and unhealthy habits? Yes, you might be a millionaire in 10 years but what happens when you start getting lifestyle induced diseases and can’t truly enjoy your life anymore? Or when you cant keep up with the energy of your kids? Or when you’ve lost the love of work because you feel, simply put, shitty inside and outside.

Again, with fitness, people know what they are doing wrong. Choose your sport/activity, dedicate yourself seriously to it at least 4 times a week (with a coach, or alone but with educated research done before) and the other 3 days in a week, do something fun that makes you sweat and makes you feel like you are exerting effort. I have friends who will go for a jog sometimes and they only care about completing one hour, they don’t care about the effort of distance, only that they ran an hour. But they know deep down that they could of pushed harder or made their run more efficient. Don’t be that person. Test your body, find it’s limits and improve on them.

Read this:


One pebble of Cocopuffs has 34 ingredients.

Why does one tiny ball have 34 ingredients, none of which are natural? And why would you serve your child or loved ones something that you don’t’ understand? Think about this the next time you ingest processed food.

We live in a hypermart. We are constantly bombarded will all kinds of claims and information, but how much do we truly know? Go on Google and type the words, “how to lose weight?” and you’ll be so confused after a few pages that you might get discouraged.

You need to determine which information makes the most sense. Likely, if something is so attractive with its colors and catchy titles, there might be a sales motive behind it. So go back to real experiences and those who clearly champion a natural way of living and eating.

30% workouts and 70% food. We hear and read this all the time and it still stands true. But what people fail to mention that weight loss is also 100% knowledge. You need to know what you’re putting in your body. You need know that if you’re not giving 100% in a workout, you won’t succeed. You need to know that in order to succeed, you need to make the right choices, every day.

So when people ask me, what should eat, I say its simple: vegetables, lean proteins and some whole unprocessed grains (just because the package says whole grain in bright colours, doesn’t necessarily mean it to be true – so read the back or research the brand). Get your ingredients as close as possible to the source, nothing too processed and packaged to the brim. Also, all in proper portions. Season with salt and spices. Only roast, shallow fry with olive or coconut oil, grill or steam. In 2 lines, that’s your eating plan. Simple right? So why don’t you do it?

Why are you going to ask me if its okay to drink coke? Well because it doesn’t fit in the categories above. ‘But Erwan, how about french fries,’ they are deep fried. ”How about cake?’ Well, is sugar a vegetable?

You can answer all your own questions. Just make the effort 😉

Got all that? Once you have those three principles in check, you’re ready to start your journey!

Here are some of my life diet rules that i live by:

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