If you’re from the Philippines, we are sure it’s alarming to find out that the Pasig River is actually one of the largest contributors of single-use plastic litter in the world’s oceans.


After reading that, you might already be thinking: is this caused by people buying sachets? The pandemic? Consumership in general? Government mis-handling? Or big corporations?

In reality, it’s all our fault, but what we can do is focus on solutions.


Learn more here: https://youtu.be/OdHY9s5Pi7g

If you want to take part in concrete solutions towards a better future, join the No Other Year for Plastic Movement #NOYPI2025 by checking out https://noypi2025.makesense.org/


You can participate in the 24-hour No Plastic Challenge, sign up for newsletters for the upcoming awareness campaign in November, and read up more about this important topic.

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