Buying Christmas gifts for the health lovers and fitness fanatics in your life doesn’t have to be a struggle. There a lot of gift ideas out there that are perfect presents this holiday season. After all, what’s better than giving the gift of health? If you have friends or family members who love all things active and fit, add these to your Christmas shopping list!


  1. Yoga mat

What better way to supplement that #yogaeverydamnday Instagram post than with a super cute yoga mat? Bonus points if you manage to match the mat with their favorite pair of yoga pants! Yoga mats are a great gift that will motivate your yoga-loving friend without breaking the bank.

  1. Water Bottle

Hit two birds with one stone this Christmas by giving a fitness accessory that also inspires the recipient to be more environmentally conscious. A water bottle can be customized with a name or decorated with a quirky quote, making for a wonderfully practical gift. Your friend won’t leave for the gym without it!

  1. Balance Ball Stool

If you’ve got a bigger budget and are looking for a more creative gift to give this year, check out the Balance Ball Stool (Gaiam). The hybrid exercise ball and chair design makes it more suitable for desks while improving on your posture and core strength. It’s the perfect addition to a fitness buff’s home office.

  1. Grid Foam Roller

Forget massage coupons, this foam roller is the perfect gift for any runner or gym rat in need of a good stretch. It helps prevent injuries, eases soreness and aches, and boosts your energy so that you can work out better in the future. It’s easy to store at home or take to the gym, for a good massage after any workout.

  1. Eye Masks

Give the gift of sleep this year with luxuriously soft eye masks. The best for a good night’s sleep are filled with cotton and covered in silk, or are scented with lavender. They’re perfect for travelers or those looking to recuperate after a long day.

  1. Wireless Earphones

The best gym buddy would be your favorite songs on repeat. They pump you up for a challenging workout ahead and distract you from the pain! Gift your favorite gym goer with a pair of wireless earphones so they can keep their workout area injury and tangle-free.

  1. Blender

A brand new kitchen appliance may be a pricier gift, but a top-of-the-line model that does it all will surely win you the heart of a health nut who’s at home in the kitchen. Give a blender that does all the work: from making soup to pulverizing chia seeds and frozen fruit, and living healthy will never be easier.

  1. Weights

There’s nothing better than inspiring strength for the coming new year. Weights are a versatile gift with a varying price range, so it’s easy to give a set that fits your budget. From ankle sand weights to stainless steel dumbbells, it’ll be hard to top the bar with this gift.

  1. Sports Armband/Waist Belt

For the runner who’s always on the go, a sports armband or waist belt is the perfect gift! Give a case that can carry all the essentials, like cash and a phone, with none of the hassle.

  1. Smartwatch

Wow your health-addicted loved one with a smartwatch. It’s perfect for logging in workouts, monitoring heart rates, steps, or calories burned, and of course, telling time. Smartwatches can be sleek and subtle to take you from office to gym or sturdy and loaded with all the latest monitoring technology.

If you’re a health buff yourself, let us know your Christmas wish list in the comments below!

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