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Going on a trip doesn’t have to turn you into a ball of stress. Use these tips to make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible. Enjoy!

Going on a vacation should be relaxing and stress-free, but poor planning and unpreparedness can turn your dream trip into a nightmare. Take these tips with you for smooth sailing here on out.

1. Clear your schedule and free yourself of work before leaving.

Refrain from checking your email while on vacation and make sure you leave any responsibilities to people you trust. This is your time to sit back and relax!

2. Book smart, and book fast.

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3. Choose your travel buddies wisely!

Your company can make or break any trip no matter how well-planned. If you’re bringing kids along, plan your trip around family-friendly places and activities.

4. Check the weather in the place you’ll be visiting.

Don’t let rain or storms catch you off guard.

5. Pack light.

Bringing bulky and unnecessary items will only add frustration and stress to your trip, and it will mean less space in your luggage for souvenirs and shopping. You can check the area you’re visiting for places to buy essentials and other items you may need.

6. Be ready with back-ups.

Whether it’s extra cash, a power bank to charge your phone, or digital copies of your passport, always be ready with a plan B. Travelling means expecting the unexpected and being able to handle any situation.

7. Have a thorough but flexible itinerary.

Planning everything in your trip down to the second may not be stress-free and relaxing for everyone (but if that gives you peace of mind, then go right ahead). However, having no plans at all could lead to a waste of time and missed opportunities. Find a balance to make sure you go to where you want to go, but leave room for a little spontaneity.


8. Eat well as much as possible and exercise when you can.

Indulging in unhealthy treats or having a couple of drinks is expected on vacation, but too much can make you feel sluggish and unwell. Sticking to a mainly healthy diet even while on a break can keep you energized and in tip-top shape.

9. Don’t be afraid of getting lost.

It’s part of the adventure and could lead to pleasant surprises that will make your vacation the most memorable one yet.

10. Ask the locals.

Be respectful and keep an open mind, and you won’t just get help if you need any, but also tips to have the best local experience wherever you visit. You might just make some new friends along the way too.


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