Topshot recipes are the popular choice for showing how to cook a dish– they’re short, fast, and visually pleasing, as well as very informative. I hope you guys have been enjoying the topshots I’ve been making for you, if you haven’t seen them make sure you’ve liked and followed my Facebook page! And I’m always reading your comments to know what you guys think and see if you have any requests, so keep them coming. But here are my top 5 recent topshot recipes, they’ll get you craving for more.

Chicken Halang Halang: This coconut-y and creamy dish remains light and fresh with pieces of chicken and a lot of lemongrass. What’s so good about this recipe is that you can throw it all in one pot, let it simmer and let all the flavors come together, then enjoy after a good workout.

Spicy Garlic Lobster: Lobster can be quite an intimidating ingredient to cook. It’s a delicate piece of seafood that can easily get overcooked and rubbery, so make sure you watch it! I flambé my lobster to create that drunken flavor and add lots of spice and garlic for that good heat. This dish is perfect for dinner parties or romantic nights at home because the preparation can be impressive. Try it out!

Pancit Pad Thai: I love Pad Thai and how reminiscent it is of our very own Filipino pancit because of the mix of different ingredients in one noodle dish. Put two great things together and what do you get? A delicious bowl of noodles topped with melt-in-your-mouth pork belly and other Filipino favorite “sahog” (toppings). I’m all about fusing complementary cuisines together, and this dish shows that fusion can be fantastic.

Rib Eye Bibimbap: Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean dishes. It’s got everything you need in one bowl, and I love the strong heat from the gochujang paste that adds so much dimension and flavor. In fact, I try to put gochujang in a lot of other dishes that aren’t Korean, and it just tastes so much better with it. I take the bibimbap to the next level by adding pieces of rib eye steak. It’s an excellent cut of meat on its own, but in our traditional Filipino meat + rice fashion, I put it on top of a spicy bibimbap bowl for a complete meal.

Ginataang Laing with Prawns: Laing is such a Filipino classic and favorite. It’s a perfect side to a dishes with chicken and fish (especially if they’re fried), but it can also be a great dish on its own. I top it off with delicious prawns, make sure to get the big ones for maximum flavor. This recipe has everything: a lot of heat, creaminess, and brine, and it’s got all your vegetables and protein to keep you on your feet.

All cooking equipment and ingredients in these recipes were provided by Landers Superstore.

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