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Kapitolyo has always been known as a foodie destination. And recently, Gastro Park—with its industrial elements and hipster appeal—added another dimension to its already rich and diverse food scene.


Kapitolyo has always been known as a foodie destination. And recently, Gastro Park—with its industrial elements and hipster appeal—added another dimension to its already rich and diverse food scene.

But the variety of choice can be overwhelming. So we took the tedious job of checking them all out for you to help you make an informed choice on your next food trip.

Para Sandwich Bar

You certainly won’t miss this place when you enter Gastro Park. Aside from it’s the only food truck, or food “jeep” for that matter, it’s the one closest to the entrance. And if you’ve ever ridden a jeepney, you’d know where the name comes from.

Serving Filipino viands in five-inch big pandesal, their sandwiches were created to rival so-called monster burgers. And with their “mouthgasmic” flavor combinations that’s supposed to hit all five tastes, you just might be ditching your burger cravings for their sandwiches.

Best-sellers include: The Filipino Burger (Grilled 1/3lb mixed longganisa patty, cheddar, singkamas slaw, homemade BBQ sauce) and Lechon Pares Burger (Tatang’s Cebu lechon, pares sauce, pickled cucumber, and salted duck egg) which is my personal favorite. Each order comes with homemade purple and orange kamote chips and is a steal at Php 180-220.

Tokyo Tempura Unlimited and Stuffed By Offbeat

Tempura is a Pinoy favorite. Just check out every Japanese buffet. There’s bound to be some sort of buildup by the tempura area. And if you can’t get enough of the Japanese battered shrimp, Tokyo Tempura’s got you covered. For only Php 199, you can get as much tempura as your stomach can hold without throwing up. Current record to beat: 91—count ‘em, 91—pieces of tempura. Do I hear a “challenge accepted?” Give us a shout out if you set a new record!

But if burgers are more your thing then Stuffed by Offbeat is for you. With burger patties that are—wait for it—stuffed (surprise surprise!) with various ingredients and topped with a red bun or an original glazed donut even, it offers more than just your average burger. And for a price of Php 100-180, you’re sure to satisfy a burger craving here.

Try their best-selling Stuffed Offbeat Burger which is an original glazed donut with a bacon and cheese stuffed burger patty and sunny side up. Or their Chori Burger which is a homemade chorizo patty stuffed with pesto cream filling in between their signature red buns.

If you’re more of a rice eater, then the stuffed Salisbury steak—an offbeat burger patty with sunny side up smothered with gravy—is for you. Bring your vegetarian friends too. Their falafel sandwich is just as tasty and indulgent.

Tolyo’s Soup n’ Grill

Named after the neighborhood, this Soup n’ Grill place is pretty straightforward. And with the rainy season coming soon, this place will surely satisfy your hankering for something warm and hearty. Case-in-point: their best-selling Mexican Bulalo. With a massive beef shank with marrow swimming in a Mexican-spiced broth for only PHp 199, the combination is odd but strangely comforting.

If it’s the smell from the charcoal grill that’s got you drooling, then you’ve got to try their Sweet Heat Carolina Reaper BBQ (3 pcs for Php 100). Flavored with a secret blend of spices and just a touch of the world’s hottest chili pepper, it’s tongue-torching and quite addicting.

Wok Singaporean Street Food

For Singaporean street-food favorites, Wok is the place to be. Owned and operated by former hotel chefs in Singapore, Wok aims to be as authentic as possible. And with only a limited menu, each dish sure to be is as tasty as its Singaporean counterpart.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice is a personal favorite. The Hainanese rice is so aromatic and full of flavor on its own, I could have eaten just the rice and I’d be satisfied. The plump and succulent chicken and the accompanying sauces were just a bonus on the plate.

Best-sellers also include the Nasi Goreng and the Char Kway Teo. Servings are generous and are a steal at Php 120-150.

The Masala Bar

From Singaporean cuisine to The Masala Bar’s Indian fare, Gastro Park has culturally diverse options for the discriminating foodie. The latter, owned and operated by an Indian-Pinoy family, offers a taste of Indian flavors that will appeal to the Filipino palate. With recipes created by mom, The Masala Bar’s offerings are what this family usually eats at home.

Their crowd-pleasing chicken curry or beef masala quesadillas is a top example of their homegrown fusions. Typical Indian flavors combined with the familiar flavor of cheese is a hit even with kids. But if you want more straightforward Indian cuisine, then their chicken curry or beef masala rice combo is for you. Served with an Indian spiced rice and a pico de gallo of sorts, it’s value for money at only Php 120.

7th Element

In the Philippines, summer is never over and ice cream is appropriate all year round. But here, more than the ice cream itself, the process is just as special. Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream before your eyes, this place makes us feel like a kid again.

And with flavors like Oreo and cream cheese, salted caramel, avocado, and blueberry cheesecake for Php 150 a pop, 7th Element is a notch above your ordinary ice cream shop.

Sweet Nothings

For more sweet indulgence, Sweet Nothings will do the trick. Offering a variety of juices and specialty Instagram-worthy milkshakes, this is the place to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re just looking for something to quench your thirst, their best-selling strawberry orange juice and green apple tea go for Php 40-50. But it’s their signature cake shakes that put this place on the map, or your Instagram feed.

Their Birthday Cake Shake is a crowd-pleaser. For Php 150, you get a vanilla-based shake with cake mix toppings, cotton candy, and sprinkles. Their S’mores shake is also a personal favorite. Vanilla based with marshmallow fluff and graham sprinkles, it’s a cool treat reminiscent of a warm campfire.

Honorable Mentions

Going to Gastro Park with a bunch of friends? Then try be sure to get a Raspberry Bowl over at Surfries. For only Php 85, you get a huge fishbowl of the tangy red drink with twisty straws. The Sisig (Php 150) at Bagneto also deserves a shout-out. And lastly, the Thai-Mex El Phante’s Sriracha Carnitas (Php 150 for tacos or a rice bowl) made with sliced pig ears made a pig ear fan out of me.

Have you tried Gastro Park before? Tell us your favorites!


Kapitolyo Gastro Park is at 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila. Open from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight (Mon-Sat), 5 PM to 11 PM (Sun).

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