Filipinos love to eat! On a regular day, a typical pinoy eats three heavy meals and two snacks in between—there’s no doubt food gives us comfort. We all have our ups and downs and one thing that keeps us sane and going is food. Whether you’ve been left by the love of your life, went on a drinking session with friends and got hungry or looking for a good post-workout meal to consume, there’s something here for you. Here are the top recovery filipino food that you should try:


Dirty Ice Cream (Sorbetes) 

If there is one food that sets everyone’s mood, it’s probably ice cream. And if you are a true blooded Filipino or a Filipino at heart, you’ve probably eaten or at least heard of sorbetes a.k.a. dirty ice cream. This traditional ice cream is made from topnotch authentic ingredients such as carabao milk, jackfruit, and ube (purple yam). Flavors are varied, from the usual natural fruits such as avocado, coconut, melon to typical commercial flavors like chocolate, cheese, and many more. Everyone loves dirty ice cream because it’s cheaper and convenient—you can just buy at the nearest stall or wait for an ice cream vendor to pass by your home with his ice cream cart. Truth be told, dirty ice cream is not as dirty as its name. It was just dubbed ‘dirty’ because of it being sold on the street, but the flavors and texture are rich and distinct making it stand out from the ones that are usually sold in the supermarket.



Another snack for the sweet tooth is Turon. Turon is a popular Filipino merienda that is both sweet and satisfying. It’s plantain bananas and/or jackfruit wrapped in lumpia rolls, covered with brown sugar and fried to a crisp. If you’re looking for a sweet food that fits any occasion or event in your life, turon is the one! This can also be partnered with dirty ice cream which makes them a perfect pair for the summer season! PS. This won’t heal your broken heart immediately, but it’s a good start to bringing back the sweetness in your life without having to rely on someone else!



If you’ve just finished a night-out of fun and drinks with your friends, most likely you’ll be hungry. It’s always great to end an alcohol-fueled night with some tasty food to devour. You have many options: there’s pares (braised beef meal), lugaw or goto (rice porridge), sopas (Filipino-style soup) and bulalo (Filipino beef marrow stew), but nothing beats tapsilog—a good breakfast dish that can help fix your hangover. Tapsilog is basically a combination of tapa (cured beef), garlic rice and itlog (egg). It derived its name from the components used and is typically served either dried or juicy depending on your preference.



Looking for a protein-filled snack to eat after a heavy workout? There’s no need to wander far as you can get one from almost every food stall or vendor you see in the street. One is called Kwek-kwek, which are hard-boiled quail eggs in orange batter that are deep fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce. Kwek-kwek may not be a typical post-workout snack but it can be a cheaper alternative! You can also try tokneneng, it’s basically just like kwek-kwek but it’s a bigger version as it uses chicken eggs.


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