One of the easiest dishes to make is definitely pasta. With some eggs and a can of tuna, you can make this creamy and healthy pasta dish in no time!

Throwback to my college days where the lack of time, energy, and money sometimes left me clueless come dinner time. Do I go out drinking with my friends, or have a hot meal for dinner? During nights like those, I’d turn to a trusty pasta dish, an easy option that I know a lot of college kids turn to when it comes to cooking. 

With this recipe, I take some eggs and Century Tuna to put together a creamy, healthy dish that’ll save you whether you’re stuck in your dorm room or feeding a bunch of people for dinner at home. Enjoy!



4 cloves of garlic minced

½ red onion, minced

½ can Century Tuna Hand Line

3 tbsp minced black olives

1 tsp chopped capers

Zest of 1 lemon

1 tsp olive oil

1 egg yolk

100g brown rice pasta, cooked

2 tbsp minced parsley

Salt and pepper

1.Sear the onions and garlic for 2 mins with some olive oil. Add in the tuna, olives, capers and lemon zest.

2.After 5 minutes. Put an egg yolk in a bowl and mix it with ¼ cup of warm pasta water, whisky quickly. Add the egg off the fire into the pasta and mix until you’ve got a creamy dish. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with parsley and some evoo.

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