For Pig Out Day 2 i promised to make something noodles related, however while i was reading all of your suggestions (not that they weren’t any good) nothing really struck to me to create anything (in comparison to the Pig Out 3 topic: Pork, where your suggestions look awesome!!!! keep sending them through), so i decided to go with pasta, and more specifically pasta that really isn’t a pasta and more technically a dumpling, but that’s annoying and i hate annoying things, so let’s call it a pasta and be done with it.

Gnocchi will be found on any respectable italian pasta restaurant and is often not as popular, outside of italy, as their noodle counterparts. They are slightly more fattening then the noodles since they usually include our high glycemic index carbohydrate public enemy number 2: Potato, making them also heavier and dense. I saw this as a challenge and decided that there must be a better way to prepare these little dumplings (sounds like an insult that will never catch on – Damn you! you little dumpling -ya, no…) to make them just as tasty, fluffy, filling yet increase their nutritional aspect. Drumroll: Sweet Potatoes and Ube (Purple Yam i believe it’s called in english).

To make the recipe a little more local and different i decided to pair it with straight up Filippo Berio Olive Oil for maximum clean flavour, some garlic, small shiitake mushrooms, ricotta, tarragon and calamansi.

Get Naked!! Taste Bud Party!!

Gnocchi, good for 3.

Boil about 400 grams of a mix of sweet potatoes, ube and potatoes (should be the less of the 3, maybe 1/3 of a potato only), until over cooked.

Scoop out the flesh of the cooked tubers and mash them in until smooth, add in 3 tbsp of a beaten egg and 1/4 cup sifted flour on top, knead until almost smooth, don’t over knead. Do it on a nicely floured surface.

Roll into a cigar like long strand (about 1 inch thick all round) and cut into 1 inch pieces and then make slight marks with a fork (watch the video)

Place gnocchi in a pot of boiling hot and salted water until they rise to the surface and then leave them for about 4 more minutes, or until tender.

Make the Sauce, good for 1: Take 1/2 tbsp of butter and 1tbs of Filippo Berio Olive Oil in a pan. Add in 1 thinly sliced clove of garlic and a small handful of shitake mushrooms, cook until tender. Tear in 5 strands of tarragon and 4 chopped chives, toss around quickly. Let rest off the fire.

Add in the gnocchi with the sauce and saute them together until well coated, season with salt and pepper, add in a tbsp of ricotta cheese, toss around until well incorporated. Place in a bowl. Check seasoning. Finish with a tsp of Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the juice of half a calamansi (sweet lime).


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