This recipe is from Inside the Artist’s Kitchen, a food and arts focused blog based in Chicago. They are publishing a vegan Filipino food focused artists cookbook. General donations for a PDF copy of the book are routing through paypal, and pre-orders of the book- available in July- are through Etsy. Check it out!

Arroz Caldo is one of the key dishes of the Philippines and is very telling of the cultural fusions that have created Filipino culture and cuisine. The name means“rice soup”in Spanish, but the dish is widely known to be Chinese in origin.

It is similar in form to the delicious and ever-versatile congee, though Arroz Caldo generally has a soupier consistency. It is traditionally made with chicken and chicken stock. While vegetable stock is a fine alternative, it often lacks the deep earthy flavors of the traditional version. Mushrooms help to balance the palate and adds a woodsy earthy bite.

Vegan Arroz Caldo

Vegan Arroz Caldo
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