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It’s never too late to start getting healthy. Be patient and hardworking and you can start living the best life!

“Taba, baboy, tabachoy, babuyramo”.  These were the striking words that left me scarred for a time in my life. I thought it was just a phase you go through as a kid where I’ll get some harsh mockery but even during my adolescent years it also came about. I got used to it but sometimes got teary eyed in the corner of my room. I reached a maximum of 220 lbs with my height of 171 cm. I was obese, I guess, morbidly obese. My experiences as a fat person were kind of critical too. Like a few steps on the stairs and I’m hyperventilating like crazy. I also commuted before so jeepney drivers, shuttle service drivers, tricycle drivers and even passengers would look at me like I needed to pay for at least 2 persons as I invaded 2 persons’ worth of space (sometimes I pay if I feel like I could disturb other passengers). I’m in love with deep-fried stuff (everything that has oil in it). Dating was critical as well, especially when they only see a picture of your face first. I got stood up so many times maybe because of how different I am physically (In my defense, I don’t think its that necessary to show a whole body picture of yourself right? LOL).

Fast forward, I was already working when I realized that I needed to change for my health’s sake. I consulted a doctor and was told that I was hypertensive and that this could lead to diabetes because of my lifestyle. I admit it was bad especially if I’m remembering it right now. The stuff that I ate  and how uncareful I was with choosing those. I went to a gym for like 3 months and boy it wasn’t pretty, I gave up and began my unhealthy eating habits once again. Then I came to my doctor’s appointment and was told that I was already a prediabetic. I didn’t mind it until my next job, where they required a comprehensive medical exam. And guess what? I wasn’t fit for the role because I was unhealthy (I had high blood, sugar level was too high). I came to my senses and realized that it affected my entire being (health, dating lol, and even job hunting) and so I enrolled myself to the nearest gym in my place and got some help from a trainer. It was a lot better with someone to keep on pushing you and who can give important advice on what or what not to do.  I reassessed my diet and did like an entire makeover. I do cook, so tweaking it into a healthier version made me more interested in the dieting plan. I gradually cut myself off from all sorts of bad carbs and sugary food. I count the calorie intake that I have within the day on my fitness program.

It all paid off– after a year, I was able to hit my normal BMI range. Though I still don’t have bigger guns (that’s for my next project lol), it was really fulfilling especially when you feel lighter and could do things normally without heavy panting most of the time.

BELOW ARE SOME TIPS that helped me through my weight loss journey.

1. Know your goals or at least have a vision for yourself. Make it a habit to think that the healthier you are, the happier you’ll be.

2. Get active. If you can’t enroll at the gym you could at least do some alternatives like for me, biking around the city is fun and is also a way to de-stress. Running is another activity and there are so much more out there so wala kang excuse all right (you have no excuse)? hehe

3. Proper hydration is the key. Funk it up, add lemons or cucumber for more appealing taste, either way it’s still good for your skin and during cardiovascular exercises.

4. Eat right, your body is your temple so take very good care of it. Have good carbs, eat plenty of greens and fruits, protein is needed too (e.g. chicken, fish, tofu).

5. Don’t deprive yourself too much on the diet, portion control is the key.

6. Don’t rush on things, it’s not Pancit Canton like in 3 minutes you have it. Patience and perseverance is the key in achieving anything. It took me at least 2 years before I got on a normal scale. Hell I got a lot of stopovers but hey I still did it.

7. Keep yourself motivated, even if you already hit your target. Get yourself into a dynamic phase to try different things like getting more active, gaining muscles, creating or eating healthier stuff etc.

8. Be humble and let others be inspired, it’s not only you that could hit goals but also your friends, family, or even just a random dude that you feel could get insights from you.

9. My previous dates are getting in touch with me, but heck no. “If you can’t have me at my worst, certainly you can’t have me at my best” – excerpt from a Pinoy movie. LOL.

10. Keep it fun, keep it light, don’t stress too much and never ever lose yourself in the process.


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