Weight Loss Inspiration: Clean Eating and Exercise are Key

It’s been said before, clean eating and exercise are key to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Submitted by Marthy Climaco

When I was younger, I was more of a foodie. I would eat and eat and not gain any weight. Lately, I realized the long term effects of that kind of living. Not only did I start gaining a lot of weight, I also didn’t feel as healthy as before.

So I decided to make a change and incorporated exercise in my lifestyle. Then I slowly let go of junk food and sugary drinks. After some months of that, I went from 76 kg to 64 kg and I am happy about it.

Until now, I have decided to continue with exercise and clean living. With it, I noticed a change upon waking up every morning. I feel energized and alive. To add to my fitness routine, I also started running, which is also somewhat a stress-reliever for me.

It’s not that hard to make the change in lifestyle. You just have to commit to it and you’ll find out sooner or later that not only are you healthier, you’re happier as well.

Weight Loss Tips

1) Exercise regularly. Find time, dont make excuses, and plan your workout for the day

2) Start eating clean and nutritious food. Let go of processed food and eat more stuff that grows from the ground.

3) Stay hydrated. Drink a glass before meals so you feel more full. Drink in between meals so you curb snacking unnecessarily.

4) Find balance. Balance clean eating with exercise. Don’t exercise too much or diet too much. Find a balance that you will be happy with and can sustain.

5) Take your vitamins. Your vitamins will supply you with nutrients your food can’t.

6) Commit to make a change. Decide to change your life and commit to it. No buts or excuses.

7) Don’t over-exercise. Get enough sleep and rest.

8) Set small attainable goals regularly. Whether per week or monthly goals, attaining these small goals will make you feel you are making progress.

9) Don’t deprive yourself of food. Have a cheat meal once every two weeks.

10) Enjoy and have fun working out. One of my basic principles in exercising is to enjoy the time with either yourself or other people. Consider this as alternative stress reliever where you can make friends, spend time with them or even meeting new ones.

Have your own weight loss story? Send it in to thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with two before after photos and 10 of your weight loss tips!

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