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This young student shares his weight loss inspiration just in time for the new year, showing us that the only one you have to change for is yourself. Have a healthy 2017!

Submitted by Moody Julkipli

The year 2014 was the hardest phase of my life. I was obese, weighing 110KG (about 242 lbs). I was always shy, I had no confidence, and I was physically insecure. I became depressed when problems from my personal and romantic life started to occur. This is the time when I hit rock bottom and my heart was just unhappy.

I started losing weight by mid 2015. Little improvements and results kept me going. This whole thing wasn’t easy at all. At first my goal was to lose weight in the fastest way possible. So in my desperate attempt, I tried crash dieting and had a very moderate exercise which is running in the treadmill. My diet was so unhealthy that I starved myself every day. I cut on my carbs and didn’t eat rice or bread. Sure, I dropped a lot of weight but my health and metabolism dropped as well. After nearly two months of this unhealthy diet, I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with dengue. From then on, I promised myself that if I’m going to do this, I’m gonna do it right.

After I recovered, I started to work out more actively. I got more active in sports, enrolled myself at the gym, and tried all sorts of fitness programs out there. More importantly, I started to eat healthier food and watch my diet carefully. Having no knowledge about eating healthy has always been my excuse, so I started researching online, read various of fitness sites for tips on where to find the right food for a right diet.

Now, looking at these pictures puts a smile on my face. I feel like I’m looking at two different people in these phots. It’s only been a year, but my picture from the past feels like it was taken a lifetime ago. A lot has changed since then, the kind of lifestyle that I have been living before is so different from the kind of lifestyle that I have today. Crazy how fast your life can turn around completely. It’s just a matter of how you choose to live it.  Looking back, after all the hard work, discipline, and commitment that I’ve given, I can say that I’m proud of this self improvement. I have lost 42kg of weight and this gives me more motivation to go further, fully achieve my goal, and love myself more.

10 Weight Loss Tips:

1. Have a healthy diet. No matter how much time you spend on the gym, if you’re not eating the right food, then it will never work. 70% diet and 30% exercise. Never go on a crash diet, nor cut your carb and fat intake. You will feel very hungry, lose metabolism and eventually gain back all the weight you’ve lost. Then back to square one.

2. Set your goal. Set a goal to program your mind and don’t stop until you achieve it. Self discipline is the key.

3. Push yourself everyday. Try new things and explore more. Just push yourself to workout and exercise. Eventually you’ll get better the next day, be able to run longer, or lift heavier weights than before.

4. Don’t skip. Try your best to exercise or be in the gym at least 4 times a week. In my case, I go to the gym everyday except Sundays. Don’t go more than 3 days straight without moderate-intensity exercise and following your diet.

5. Don’t be shy to go to gym and try to find a gym buddy. Make some friends! At first I felt very insecure with my body and I was very shy to go the gym. I didn’t know how to use the equipments at all. But thankfully the people from my gym were very nice and they even encouraged me to do better.  From then on I met more people from the gym and they became my gym buddies. Everyone starts from the bottom, including the most athletic or the buffest person out there.

6. Always think positive and believe you can do it. If you feel tired, it only means that it’s working.

7. Never skip breakfast and eat your meals on time. Prepping your meal is more advisable. Practice cooking and preparing your own food, in this way you can monitor your calorie intake carefully. Explore the internet. Everything is in there.

8. Avoid eating desserts before bedtime. And always recharge yourself by sleeping. Go to bed as early as you can to have enough time to sleep.

9. Reward yourself and schedule a cheat day or a rest day. This will help you gain more energy and of course satisfy your cravings. In my case, I schedule my cheat day on Sundays and just enjoy the whole day.

10. Have fun and just enjoy what you’re doing. Look for motivation, but always remember that you only have to prove yourself to yourself.

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