DK Morales dropped from 178 to 132 lbs in just 6 months of clean eating. Yes, it can be done!

Submitted by DK Morales

Growing up, I was never a fat kid. So, I was never accustomed to being called “FAT” or hearing comments like, “Uy, ang taba mo” and other derogatory names and comments for big people.

At first, I wasn’t really bothered by it and that didn’t even stop me from living my lifestyle which consisted of ordering fast food for my meals, eating junk food as my snacks, and avoiding exercise at all costs.

I reached my heaviest in 2015.. I weighed 178 lbs and started having struggles with my health. And all throughout the year, I had constant visits to hospitals with different health concerns.

To make it worse, my size and health issues took a toll on my self-esteem. I was insecure and practically isolated myself from the world as I would always turn down invites to hang out with my family and friends because of how I looked and felt.

Until one day, I decided I couldn’t stay unhappy and keep pushing my loved ones away.

So I made a change. I mustered all the determination I could and started to let go of fast food and junk food. I also stopped eating white rice and replaced it with cauliflower rice, rolled oats, and quinoa.

I also lessened my chicken, pork, and beef intake and started to eat more fish, fruits, and veggies. I also started to get into juicing and drinking detox water.

But I have to admit, I still had a lot of food cravings. But when I gave in to them, I kept it in moderation. Continuing this clean eating for 6 months, I went from 178 to 132 lbs!

But my ultimate goal is to reach 110 lbs and maintain a much healthier lifestyle. So aside from clean eating, I added Zumba and some ab work into my routine. Hopefully, I could also incorporate exercise into my daily routine and lifestyle.

It was hard work and there were times I felt like giving up. But IT CAN BE DONE. You just have to put your mind into it.


1. Change should start with you, don’t let others make decision for yourself.

2. Let go of the things that will contribute to you putting on weight.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate. Drink A LOT of water and stay away from flavoured drinks and sodas

4. Set a certain weight goal.

5. Get enough rest.

6. Take time to do some research on how to lose weight. Read a lot of weight loss stories. It will motivate you even more.

7. Try to do some exercise. It doesn’t have to be intense right away.

8. Don’t stop when it’s painful, stop when you’re done.

9. Treat yourself with your favorite food once in a while. It’s your reward for working hard.

10. ALWAYS believe in yourself. You are beautiful!


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