Taking care of her 3 boys made sure had enough exercise, but it was portion control that helped Bev go from 200 to 132 lbs.

Submitted by Bev Medina

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” —(Anonymous)

I am sharing this story to inspire people to pursue weight loss. Not because they just want to look good but because they value their life and health.

Growing up, I was slim but curvy but I never thought I’d ever be fat. But since I was fond of eating junk food, fast food, sugary drinks and foods, my unhealthy eating habits took a toll on me. And when I gave birth, my body image was just so bad that I had trouble dressing up and was falling into depression.

Then after my son’s first birthday, I saw that I looked like a whale in the photos. Like I was going to explode anytime. I was disgusted with myself and couldn’t believe I allowed myself to get that big.

So I decided to make a change. I was a 200 lbs and I set my first weight loss goal at 170 lbs. I started by cutting down on my rice intake and stopping drinking flavored drinks. It was hard at first but I was able to adjust eventually. I would eat small meals every 2-3 hours making sure I don’t get hungry or I’ll end up eating large portions.

With portion control, I was able to drop down to 132 lbs, just 12 lbs short of my ideal weight of 120 lbs.

I never had to go to the gym because taking care of three boys already took care of my exercise. Nevertheless, whenever I could, I would still watch exercise videos on Youtube and workout in the comfort of my home.

Weight Loss Tips

Find Inspiration – look at old photographs of yourself looking slim and health in a bathing suit or a gown to remind yourself to get the old you back.

Plan and prepare your own meals – it’s really fun but takes some discipline. But it makes the world of difference.

Exercise Daily – be active at least an hour a day. Add music to make it more fun.

Practice portion control – eat normally but only in small portions

Avoid bad food – cut down on sodas, sweets, and food that are high in carbs. Instead, indulge in fruits and veggies.

Drink water – try having a glass before meals or when you’re hungry, drink. You just might be thirty.

Avoid heavy dinners – try not to eat after 6 pm or at least 2 hours before bed because your body will not be able to digest it.

Choose the kiddie meals – sometimes these aren’t just for your kids. The portions might be perfect for you.

Set a good example – especially if you have kids, make sure you are being a good role model for a healthy lifestyle.

Have faith and perseverance – these are good qualities to have during your weight loss journey. Remember that the enemy is not food but YOU!

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