Nina lost 34 lbs and switched to a healthier lifestyle all for her sake and her daughter’s.

Submitted by Nina Clemente

I’ve always been very slim. But in 2009, I got pregnant at the age of 25 and as expected, I gained a lot of weight.

But because of things that happened in my life then, I just got bigger and bigger. Not only that, my eating habits became worse as I started to binge on unhealthy food on a regular basis.

To make matters worse, my daugther followed my example. That’s when it hit me. I had to make a change, if not for myself, but my daughter.

So in 2014, I started going to the gym. I did cardio for 30 minutes, weights for an hour, and even swimming for 30 minutes. But despite all that, it didn’t result in my weight loss because I was still eating unhealthy food.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own kitchen and make my own meals. I supplemented my healthy eating with simple exercises I could do at home.

I also starting doing a cleasing program called Clean9. After following it, I lost 7lbs in nine days. I do it every quarter not just for weight loss but also to clease my digestive system.

Because of the program, I also learned to turn away from food whenever I was stressed. Instead, I would wear my trainers and hit the park for a 30 minute jog and pull out a mat for some floor exercises for another 30 minutes.

As of this writing, I went from 159 to 125 lbs with just a change in my diet and learning to divert my stress eating to stress busting with exercise.

The best thing about it is I’m setting a good example for my daugther.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Look for your biggest WHY. Healthy living is a commitment. If you have good reasons for getting fit, you’ll stay on track.

2. Set a goal. Know what you want to achieve, this way it will be easier to concentrate on your goal.

3. Track your improvement. Check your weight, measure your neck, arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves on a weekly basis. Take mirror selfies! 🙂

4. Cleanse.  An uncleansed colon is one of the factors of weight gain and other diseases.

5. Substitute food for their healthier counterparts. Switch from white to brown rice, white sauce to red sauce, and so forth.

6. Ditch your bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and soda, and eating junkfoods.

7. Eat fruits and veggies instead of sweets and other junk food.

8. This is cliche but really effective- drink MINIMUM 8 glasses of water a day. It will be better to drink a glass or two before and after your meal as this will help you feel full. If you eat at least 3x a day thats a total of 6 glasses already!

9. Have a cheat day, but still control your food intake.

10. Look for an exercise routine that is fun for you. I get bored in the gym, but I am having fun dancing or doing home exercise with my daughter.

Lastly, share your journey. I share mine on my social media networks and blog This will keep you motivated and will inspire other people. Remember: SWEAT NOW, GLOW LATER!

Got your own inspirational weight loss story? Send it in to with two before and after photos and 10 tips!

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