weight loss inspiration the struggle is worth it

The path to a healthier life is not an easy one. Take it from Angelica Pangan, who struggled to fit in the clothes she loved so much. In the end, a healthier lifestyle is worth it!

Submitted by Angelica Pangan

I’ve been fat my whole life, but I started to worry about my weight when I was around 17 or 18 years old. Since I had to attend many events for various occasions, I was struggling to pick the right dress for my size. My mom did her best to stop me from eating too much unhealthy stuff since she lives a healthy lifestyle, but I didn’t listen. I thought that it’s okay to be fat because I excelled in school, got honors and awards, and no one was making fun of me for my weight. I tried to lose weight several times but it never lasted long. My goal then was to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time, but after a month or two I just went back to my old unhealthy habits and regained all the weight. One time, I felt really depressed when looking for a gown for an event, because even a 3XL wouldn’t fit me. I felt really sad because I couldn’t wear something that I liked, and was forced to just wear something that would fit.

Once, my classmate told me that I looked like a mother already, that I am so “losyang” (look old for my age). Even my friend’s dad told me, “Sa katawan mong yan, imposible ka ng pumayat. Wala na yan.” (With a body like yours, it’s impossible to lose weight. Forget it.) I told myself that night that no one can predict my future. I can prove to you that I can do it, that I can lose weight and wear those nice clothes without worrying about the availability of my size. I’ll prove to you that I can wake up every morning feeling energized, and that I myself know that I am healthy.

I started working out and changed my eating habits the next day.

Working out for the first two months was really a STRUGGLE! I concentrated more on cardio by doing cycling, jogging, swimming, aerobic dancing, etc.

I remember doing 100 squats while crying and I found it difficult to breathe. I wanted to just stop and cry. But I told myself that if I stop this, I’ll end up in the hospital with a lot of illnesses. You’ll prove them right. So I continued and told myself this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change. The goal is to lose fat, not lose weight. This will take time but it will be worth it. I educated myself since then about proper nutrition, the right exercises, and the best ways to prepare meals the healthy way. 

In less than a year (around 7-8 months), I lost 66 LBS. Now, I concentrate more on building some muscle, and I can say that it was all worth it! I’ve been eating clean for almost 2 years now with my mom. Thanks to my friends who helped me and joined me on my weight loss journey!

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

1) Set a goal for yourself. Don’t do this just to impress someone. Do it for yourself and your health.
2) Be educated. Know your body measurements, body type, and check if you have any health issues. There might be “diets” or changes that are not suitable for you and you might experience cravings while cutting your usual food intake.
3) Do not be fooled by fad diets, crash diets or that “lose 10 kilograms in 2 weeks” claim. If you can’t gain weight overnight, don’t expect it to lose overnight. You might be losing water and muscles instead of fat.
4) Exercise daily. If you’re a “busy” person, take the stairs instead of the elevators, walk instead driving or riding a cab. Let your body move.
5) Drink a lot of water!! It’ll help you lose weight and have clearer skin.
6) Learn how to say NO, and be disciplined.
7) Eat more vegetables and fruits!!
8) Avoid pre-processed or processed food. Eat more fresh food and home cooked meals.
9) Track your macro-nutrient intake and how many calories you have to eat every day.
10) Do not lose hope when you lose weight slowly. Slow progress is progress.

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