Sausage-making is one of the oldest ways to process meat. The first sausage recipe is said to be 3,000 years old! This must be why longganisa is such a staple in the Philippines. It’s been around longer than we think.

Thanks to influences from Spain and China, we have a variety of longganisa around the country. Even within a city or region, longganisa can vary greatly. This is a trait common among the Latin American and Spanish chorizos as well. The recipes depend significantly on whoever’s making it. I’d say it’s a good thing that there are so many types of longganisa. After all, everyone has their own preference. Some like it sweet, others like it garlic-y. In the Philippines, there’s a longganisa to suit anyone’s taste.

It was tempting to travel around the country in search for the best longganisa. But I didn’t have the time, so I asked you guys to help me out! The Fat Kid Inside team received so many entries for this longganisa video. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put all of you guys in the video. Watch my video below! What’s your favorite longganisa, and was it featured in the video?

Thanks for sharing the longga love. If you’re looking to make longganisa at home, check out this video I did with the Adobo Queen Nancy Reyes Lumen.

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