Last May, I had the happy fortune of traveling around Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna in Italy – both considered powerhouses for gastronomy. I had so many food discoveries about Italian food, one of which was this decadent dessert called Bavarese alle Fragole.

It was light and fruity and it baffled me why this simple yet delectable dessert never made it outside of Italy. It’s basically a strawberry cream mousse and when served on a stifling summer day like those that are notorious to strike in the Philippines, bavarese would not only be refreshing but would also be low on the guilt-o-meter. It only takes minutes to prepare and an overnight chilling process, but for the most part, one could prepare this with their eyes closed.

I used strawberries because that’s what’s in season here in the States at the moment, but what I would really die for is a Philippine mango version of this. If you use fruit that is in season and is ripe, you could actually eliminate using sugar altogether.

It’s a great dessert to serve at a dinner party, but let me share a secret with you. I had it for breakfast this morning. Since Mother’s day is coming up, it’ll also be a great dessert to serve to you mom on her special day.

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When in Italy: Bavarese Alle Fragole

When in Italy: Bavarese Alle Fragole
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