Here’s a quick no-bake recipe that’s pretty enough for a special occasion.

By Carmela Villegas-Agosta

Here’s a quick no-bake recipe that makes use one of my favorite fruits, berries! We don’t have normally have berries here in the Philippines but whenever I see frozen berries in the grocey, I make sure to stock up on it because I just can’t get enough of its sweet and tart flavor.

Pretty enough for a special occasion, you can easily whip this up when you’re having guests over. You can substitute the orange liquer with orange juice if you’re serving this to kids.



Oatmeal-Graham Crumbs

– ¾ C Graham Crumbs
– ¼ C Melted Butter
– 2 Tbsps Brown Sugar
– 1 tsp Sea Salt
– ¼ C Quick Cook Oatmeal
– 2 tbsps Shredded Coconut
– White Chocolate Mousse
– 2 C All Purpose Cream or Whipping Cream, chilled
– 180 g Melted White Chocolate

Berry Mix

– 1 C Frozen Mixed Berries
– ¼ C Orange Liqueur (Cointreau)
– 2 Tbsps Brown Sugar
– ¼ C Water


Berry Mix

In a medium sauce pan on low heat, place all the berries and the water and brown sugar.

Once the fruits are thawed out, add the orange liqueur and let it simmer until the juice becomes a thick sauce.

Let it cool before using it.

Oatmeal Graham Crumbs

Mix the graham crumbs with the melted butter, brown sugar and sugar until it resembles wet sand.

In a medium size pan on medium heat, place the oatmeal and the coconut for 3 minutes. Add the graham mixture and let cook for 5 minutes. Keep an eye on the mixture you don’t want it to burn, you just want to release the flavors of the ingredients.

White Chocolate Mousse

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave on the lowest setting at 30 seconds increments, continue until the chocolate melts.

In a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, whip the cream on medium speed until it has a fluffy texture. If you dip your whisk soft peaks will appear.

Fold in the White Chocolate. Set Aside.

Assemble the Parfait

Start by putting 2 tablespoons of mousse on the bottom of your glass and then add a thin layer of the berry mix (approx. 3 tablespoons).

Top with layer of oatmeal-graham crumbs (2 tablespoons). Then repeat the steps.

If you have similar containers like I mine which are short, I just added an extra layer of mousse and garnished it with berries and crumbs.

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