You may have been told countless times that you should never skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. And especially for those who are trying to maintain a healthy diet, or trying to lose weight, breakfast should never EVER be ignored.

Given the hectic schedules that most if not all people have, students and adults alike may have the tendency to skip breakfast. It may take as short as five minutes to prepare your breakfast and it is short enough to squeeze into your busy schedule.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should not skip breakfast:


Gives You Energy

Just like a car, the body needs fuel to run. So for us humans, food gives us the fuel we need to keep going throughout the day in order to function properly. Starting your morning with a high fiber and low carb breakfast will make you feel less tired later on during the day.


Improves Your Mood

Have you ever gone long without food and felt irritated and hot headed and you think it is for no apparent reason? Here’s something to remember: being hungry affects the mood. Eating breakfast helps you become less restless and irritable. As mentioned earlier, food fuels the body and when the body feels complete, nothing else can affect you.


Better Concentration

Imagine going into an exam without eating yet, so you feel the hunger, headache, dizziness, weakness, and stomach discomfort. With all those happening, you really would not be able to be in the right condition to do anything. Along with the physical effects, hunger leads to mood changes wherein concentration and alertness go down.


Maintains a Healthy Weight

Aside from hearing the words “do not skip breakfast,” you probably have been hearing “do not skip meals,” too. So this goes hand in hand, it is recommended that you should eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. Eating a healthy breakfasts keep the blood sugar levels steady and allows optimal function throughout the day, those who skip breakfast usually eat larger portions at the next meal thus consuming more than they should, which eventually leads to weight gain.


Keeps Your Body in Good Condition

Overall, breakfast gives you the nutrients you need in order to function and power through your day to day activities. Without the proper fuel, your body will suffer and can go into starvation or conservation mode. If this happens, your body stores fat and loses muscle in the process. In the long run, your blood, muscles, heart and other organs can malfunction and this can cause several other complications in the body. So to avoid these, never skip breakfast.


As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!



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