world class cocktails at home turo

This is my take on the Filipino merienda classic, Turon.

The craft cocktail community was so far from what it is today. Since the first Diageo Reserve World Class was launched in our country, we have seen many special things. Year on year, the Philippines seems to be bringing more to the table making us a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a Diageo Reserve World Class cocktail recipe that’s close to the heart – Turo.

Dessert-inspired cocktails are always a hit. Here, I’m putting a spin on the sweet merienda staple turon (banana spring rolls) and turning it into a playful cocktail. “Turo” is a tasty blend of banana, pineapple, and muscovado sugar.

Adding alcohol opens up complex flavors and aromas without overwhelming other delicate flavors. For that reason, I flambéed banana and pineapple that go well with Bulleit Bourbon. Sweet and caramelly, “Turo” stays faithful to the classic Filipino treat and goes perfectly with lazy afternoons.

Check out the video below and recreate “Turo” at home.

World Class Cocktails at Home – Turo

World Class Cocktails at Home – Turo
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